Hello from a Metropolis in the Himalayas!

14 October 2018

Hello everyone from Khote, which seemed like a metropolis when we arrived as it consisted of ten houses! We are at 3,600m. 

Last night was very cold – minus 2 inside our rooms. I was wearing four layers, including thermals, gloves and hat inside my sleeping bag! We woke up to a wonderfully blue sky and set off early to make the most of the weather. 


We walked up for about 300m before descending for about a kilometre. Oddly it is much harder coming down. It is mentally taxing as I try and find the safest place to put my foot which won’t result in my falling over the edge of the ridge! I was slow but managed it safely. 

At about half way down, we stopped to see a beautiful view and I clambered onto a ledge to get a photo! I felt very brave and I didn’t even grimace in the photo! 


The second half of the trek today was very hard as it was a relentless climb over glacier boulders and trees up to Khote. We are now in the glacier which will lead all the way to Mera Peak. It was like an enchanted forest and we expected a hobbit to jump out at us!

The Tea House that we are staying in is luxurious in comparison to the last two nights. There is still no heating and no electricity in the rooms but we could get a bowl of hot water, which was blissful! I couldn’t find a way to wash my hair, however, so I will be wearing hats for the rest of the trek! 

We also got Wi-fi access for the first time in two days and it was lovely to hear from home. Several people were concerned about the reports of poor weather leading to the tragic deaths of some climbers. We aren’t in that region but the weather remains a concern for us, as it could impact us. It also is a reminder of how much we need to pay attention to it and keep ourselves safe. We bumped into a group today on their way back from Mera Peak and only one from their group of three made it to the summit due to 40mph winds. I’m hoping we can all achieve our dream. 

Thank you so much for your support. I know I keep saying it but I couldn’t be doing this without you all. Have a wonderful Sunday. 

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