Life experiences I didn’t expect to have in the Himalayas!

24 October 2018

Hello everyone from Lukla, at 2,800m in the Himalayas and home to the most dangerous airport in the world! 

I have made it back to Lukla and completed the trek. All that remains is surviving the flight out tomorrow, although we are not yet sure when that will be and whether it will be to Kathmandu or another regional airport, due to weather conditions! 

The day started in quite a surreal fashion. If you had asked me to write a list of life experiences I didn’t expect to have, sleeping on the floor of a hut with eight men and one other woman, trying to keep warm in below freezing temperatures would have made that list! But that is what we did last night as the Tea House rooms were all full. We survived the night and actually were warmer than we probably would have been in the rooms! It was another great bonding experience for our team, with everyone supporting each other. 

I then woke up and couldn’t find my glasses. I told our guide who responded very matter of factly to say that they were on our cook’s head…! I have no idea why but at least I didn’t need to navigate down the steep slopes without them!

We set off early as we had a long day ahead of us. We hiked up for two hours to reach 4,500m which was tough but the scenery was absolutely stunning and very special to see on our last trekking day. We then needed to trek down to 2,800m which meant steep rock scrambles, wobbly bridges across rivers, scree slopes and a few slips from me and others in the group. It was good fun and I tried to take everything in before heading to Kathmandu.


When we arrived in Lukla, I, and others, were quite emotional. We had done it! There were times over the last three weeks that this had seemed so far away. It is exciting to be thinking about coming home to be with my amazing family, friends and colleagues. 

Unfortunately, the hot shower that had been promised didn’t materialise. Both taps were freezing cold and I could hear screams from the other rooms where people had tried the shower! I decided to wait until tomorrow in Kathmandu. My hat therefore remains firmly in place! 

I feel delighted to have finished the trek, as it means I am coming home, but also sad. I have once again loved this amazing country and the experience it has given me. I will miss it when I leave. 

Once again, thank you to everyone for the kind messages. It has made an immense difference to know people are thinking of me and wishing me well. I feel incredibly grateful for this and it has made being away so much easier. Thank you all so much 


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