Reflecting on life’s beauty in the Himalayas (and finding cake!)

17 October 2018

Hello everyone from Khare at 5,000m. This is the starting point for the trek onto the glacier and up to the summit of Mera Peak and so it is full of excitement and nerves.

Last night, I slept well and my hat and gloves came off, so I only needed my four layers! That made it a warm night here!

We set off early to make the best of the weather and it was absolutely stunning. We walked all the way up the boulder part of the glacier, which was steep in parts but seemed much easier than yesterday, showing how well we are getting acclimatised. We were walking underneath Mera and a range of 7,000m + mountains, passing glaciers and rivers. It is hard to describe how beautiful it was and pictures really can’t do it justice. We really do live in a beautiful world.


Everything gets put into perspective here and life becomes very focused on survival, rather than some of the things we all, understandably, worry about at home. In my view, it is a lesson for us all to make sure we have some perspective in our lives and to focus on the beauty and wonder around us every day.

For the last seven days of the trek, we have seen signs for a German Bakery in Khare. We didn’t believe it was really there but it was! And it was gorgeous! We all had cake and a drink and felt that we could be in the Swiss Alps as the sun shone through the windows. It was a magical moment.


I am getting very nervous and trying to avoid looking upwards or thinking about the cold and wind. We passed people today coming down from Mera and they talked about 60mph winds at the summit. I am just focused on taking each day as it comes. We may start our ascent tomorrow or we may have an acclimatisation day, weather depending. We hope to try for the summit on Saturday or Sunday.

I feel incredibly lucky to be here, enjoying this wonderful country, generous people and having the opportunity to undertake this challenge and fundraise for Cancer Research. I am doubting myself at points but remaining positive and focusing on the amazing experience that I am having. Your support has been wonderful and makes me feel that I have a whole support team behind me. Thank you all so much, it is helping me immensely.


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