Walking in the shadow of Mera Peak

15 October 2018

Hello everyone from Tangnag at 4,300m. It is a very small village, with only three houses, at the base of Mera Peak.

Last night we were entertained by our guide showing us his pictures from the top of Everest. He assured us that ‘if we could do Mera, we could do Everest’! None of us agreed with him! The pictures were beautiful and incredibly inspirational.

We hiked up in the Mera glacier today for five hours and it was beautiful. For much of it, we could see Mera towering above us. It still looks very high and daunting! The sun was strong but when it went in after lunch, it got cold quickly and I needed several layers. It was a stunning trekking day and I felt very lucky to be here.

On the way, we stopped for lunch in a beautiful spot. We saw a butchered yak being carried up the mountain for food… I was glad I am vegetarian! We also saw porters carrying lots of other supplies up. It is amazing what they carry up, often wearing flip flops and basic clothes. It is a harsh life here but everyone we have met has been incredibly friendly and welcoming.


The Tea House we are staying in is basic but we have light in the main room. We are staying here for two nights to help our acclimitisation. We are hoping to try for the summit on Friday or Saturday if the weather is reasonable. The good news is that I have managed to wash my hair in a bowl – whether it dries tonight is another matter! The simple things in life mean a lot here.

The weather is hard at night – it is very cold and I am wearing most of my clothes in bed to keep warm. I am worried about the camping at 5,900m but focused on each day as it comes.

It is hard being so far away from everyone. The group I am with is very nice and we are having fun but I miss my husband and my family and friends. Thank you so much for all your support, it means so much.


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